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"Sinfonia Cymru are a great watch. Some of the members seem to transform when they start playing, such as the leader of the string section. Every phrase is executed with such flamboyance, enhanced by her passion.”

Eve Rowlands

Buzz Magazine

"Sinfonia Cymru with soloists Caroline Pether and James Crabb proved to be a highly enjoyable evening; light-hearted with serious undertones, the choice of music excellent and we all left humming a dance beat and with a lightness of step!"

Matthew Dougall

Number 9 Reviews

"The Zelkova Quartet is blessed with a fabulous leader whose playing holds one’s attention completely whatever she does. [...] Moreover, the group is not afraid to take risks! How welcome in an age of clinical perfection.”

Gina McCormack

Brodsky Quartet

"Caroline Pether is the founding member of the [Zelkova] Quartet and is a very special violinist, a generous and engaging spirit whose commitment to music is obvious.”

Donald Grant

Elias Quartet

“Janacek’s String Quartet No 2 ‘Intimate Letters’ was played with a remarkable zeal and intensity by the Zelkova Quartet. The alliance between players, who met at Manchester's Royal Northern College of Music, clearly demonstrated a deep knowledge both of Janacek’s potent and exhilarating score and of each other’s musicianship. [...] the quartet fully translated the composer’s ardent desires to the audience.”

Miranda Heggie

The Herald Scotland

"[The] Zelkova Quartet [...] played Brahms with head, heart, muscle and a rare unity of purpose and had me twitching in my seat.'

Tweet by Andrew Mellor

(Gramophone, Opera, New Statesman)

"I had one of the best musical nights of my life as I listened to Caroline Pether and the orchestra. Sinfonia Cymru has been the main force in opening up for me the beauty of classical music, of which I now have a considerable collection. I would like the orchestra to know that their playing can literally be a life-changing experience for people new to classical music."

Audience member

Vivaldi Four Seasons, Sinfonia Cymru

"I just wanted to take the opportunity to say how much it rocked my world. I am not someone who regularly attends this type of event. The sound was amazing - I have never heard anything like it! Warm, comforting and instantly relaxing. It made me tear up and the next minute smile. It was mesmerising to watch too. That I could watch something of that quality and then get home in 20 minutes makes me feel so lucky. I just wanted to say thank you and make sure you know how important your work is."

Audience member

Vivaldi Four Seasons, Sinfonia Cymru

"I [...] was enthralled with the performance, especially The Four Seasons. I have never heard such a wonderful, together, hair-raising performance. Not even by Nigel Kennedy. It was sensational!!!”

Audience member

Vivaldi Four Seasons, Sinfonia Cymru

"Caroline Pether and ensemble brought such enthusiasm and expertise to the programme...well worth braving the floods to get there!”

Audience member

Vivaldi Four Seasons, Sinfonia Cymru

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